President Message

India emerged as second largest producer in the world in 2016, overtaking Japan. Indian Stainless-Steel Development Association (ISSDA) has made its humble contribution in this journey since 1989, with active involvement and support of its members. ISSDA has been striving to promote the use of stainless steel across different sectors for last 27 years.

We have been working towards finding stainless steel-based cost effective and sustainable solutions in different sectors such as Architecture building & construction, Water industry, Heavy Engineering, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Fertiliser industry, Pulp & Paper, Power etc. Our efforts are always focused on utilising the excellent qualities of Stainless steel across all the sectors not only to enhance the cost effectiveness but also to save losses to the nation due to corrosion.

Today, Indian stainless-steel Industry offers a wide range of suitable application-oriented grades which can sustain all corrosive environments with improved mechanical properties and enhance the life of the construct product. Life Cycle costing, the major strength of stainless steel, has now been widely accepted and incorporated in Government policies. We still have a long way to go to enhance our per capita stainless-steel consumption from about 2.5 kg to at least the world average of 6 kg and beyond.

Indian Stainless-Steel Development Association welcome all stake holders of Stainless-Steel industry to be a part of our endeavours. This association is for every organisation associated with Stainless Steel and related sectors, who share our vision of finding stainless steel based sustainable solutions to our national problems.