Webinar : Planning for Disaster: Stainless Steel Resilient Design 15 Nov 2022


ISSDA-Nickel Institute - IMOA

Webinar on - Planning for Disaster: Stainless Steel Resilient Design


Indian Stainless Steel Development Association along with Nickel Institute and International Molybdenum Association conducted a webinar on  Planning for Disaster: Stainless Steel Resilient Design with Consultant, Ms. Catherine Houska, as the esteemed Key Speaker on 15th November 2022 at 9 AM.

Synopsis of the Webinar:

Stainless Steel to protect from Natural and Human-Made Disaster

 -Ability to absorb energy: Blast, Impact, Seismic Events, Landslide

-Act as a safe barrier for Flood and Water Control

-Better Fire Performance

-Suitable for High Wind Loading

 The contribution of stainless steel’s inherent properties to resilient design will be reviewed and case study examples provided. The role of appropriate alloy selection from the standpoint of corrosion performance will be briefly reviewed.


Ms. Catherine Houska, International Expert on Architectural & Structural Metals 

Ms. Houska is an internationally recognized expert on architectural metals, speaker, and author of over 200 publications. She consults internationally for some of the world’s most well-known architectural and engineering firms as well as for building owners, metal finishing firms, producers, and fabricators. She is well versed in the ASTM and EuroNorm standards for stainless steel finishes is a long-term member of the US Green building Council (USGBC LEED) and chairs ASTM’s General Sustainability Standards. She has written numerous publications about stainless steel finishes and has significant experience in consulting for finish suppliers to improve their products, developing project specifications, and as an expert witness when finish problems occur. 


Webex meeting recording: Planning for Disaster: 

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Password: UnEMjQ4h

Recording link: https://nissda.webex.com/nissda/ldr.php?RCID=21dc69d564c2e9a9ae6ac06f2e8682bb