Webinar on "Stainless Steel An Ideal Choice For Distribution & Storage Of Water"



Indian Stainless Steel Development Association i n association with Nickel Institute is conducting a webinar on "Stainless Steel An Ideal Choice For Distribution & Storage Of Water" on 8th August 2020.

Dr. David Nicholas - Principal Consultant, Nickel Institute is the key speaker of the webinar and would bring a clear prospectus of Stainless Steel in the Water Industry around the world. The webinar will focus on the use of stainless steel in the distribution and storage of water through various national and international case studies.

We invite you to take advantage of this free webinar by joining us as a delegate. The programme with topics of the presentation of speakers is attached. We request you to confirm your participation by mailing us at nissda@gmail.coml. You will receive a participation link upon your confirmation.

We look forward to your active participation.