Workshop Stainless Steel for Architectural Building and Construction | 17 July, 2017 | Chandigarh

Workshop on
Stainless Steel for Architecture Building and Construction
Monday, July 17, 2017, The Lalit Hotel, Chandigarh

ISSDA in association with Nickel Institute organized a workshop for Architects and Builders in the city of Chandigarh. The session was conducted by Mr Graham Sussex, a renowned Nickel institute consultant, in the field targeting Architecture building and construction. In Chandigarh, we also had one of the renowned Architects Ar. Sangeet Sharma as a speaker. The program targeted all audiences belonging to Architecture Building and Construction and made them aware how the usage of stainless steel is important in their field in terms of endurance, long term durability and sustainability.

The topics covered in the programme are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel Application in Architectural Applications
  • Stainless Steel an ideal solution for Water Storage
  • Recent trends in advocation of Stainless Steel in Architectural Building and  Construction in India

These programmes was attended by many masters of the field who appreciated the usage and advantage of Stainless Steel and more than 40 private practitioners Architects participated.

Some glimpses of the session is attached for your reference.

Renowned Architect Mr Sangeet Sharma

Delhi based Architect Mr Bimal Kachroo

Keynote Speaker, Mr Graham Sussex, NI


Presentation by Mr Rohit Kumar,ISSDA

Presentation by Mr Sahil Garg

A section of the audience

Q & A Session

The workshop was very well appreciated by the group of audience and they look forward to such workshops in
the future.